gfx_data privacy

First & most important: Your data is anonymous.

We do not collect any information that could be used to identify you personally. This level of anonymity is in the interest of both of us.

What kind of information do you collect?

flavourit is a stand-alone-app with no cloud services. This means that all data you enter will be saved local in encrypted files on your phone. We therefore have no access to or interest in this information. However, this also implies that all of your data will be lost if you delete flavourit from your phone.
We only request usage data. They provide us with information about when and how people use flavourit. We have no way to view usage data for individual people, or to identify you from it. Usage data is completely anonymous and helps us to improve flavourit and to control troubleshooting.

What happens if I share recipes via internet?

As far as you share recipe cards, the data protection regulations of the chosen social media platform (Twitter, What's app, Facebook etc.) apply.

What happens if I lose or break my phone?

Let's hope this will never happen to you! If you’ve backed up flavourit, your data is safe, and will be restored onto your new phone. Thus your data will be lost without any backup.

Do you have access to my Dropbox files, if I create backup?

No, and we really don't want to. flavourit creates a seperate folder in your Dropbox, when you upload a backup file. flavourit only has the permission to access this folder. All the other folders on your Dropbox account are not accessible to flavourit.